Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Employment Tribunal System

Following a research paper on Business and the Employment Tribunal System (i) the British Chamber of Commerce issued a press release calling for reforms to the employment tribunal system. According to the press release “the average cost for an employer to defend themselves at tribunal is £8,500”, as compared to an average payout of £5,400 if the employer settles. The problem that this highlights is that employers will be persuaded to settle “even if faced with a spurious claim” because it keeps costs down and is “more convenient to do so”.(ii)

As Dr Adam Marshall, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the BCC, points out in the press release:

“The employment tribunal system is in dire need of reform. Currently, tribunals are too slow and overwhelmingly weighted in favour of the employee - whereas they should be fair for employers and employees alike.”

ARAG’s range of commercial legal expenses insurances provides vital protection which will help to level the playing field so that the employer feels confident fighting unfounded claims at employment tribunals. For instance, Absolute Business Legal responds to a generous range of legal disputes that can arise from your day-to-day business activities, including:
  • employment disputes and compensation awards

  • defence of prosecutions

  • representation for compliance and regulatory matters

  • pursuing claims for property damage nuisance and trespass

  • license appeals

  • representation for full and aspect tax enquiries

  • VAT appeals
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(i) British Chamber of Commerce (2011) Business and the Employment Tribunal System, Abigail Morris
(ii) British Chamber of Commerce (05/01/2011)
Press release: BCC calls for reform to employment tribunal system

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