Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Are you always open for business?

Building on the success of the Home Emergency Solutions product that provides immediate assistance in the event of a domestic emergency, ARAG have launched a new product specifically designed to serve the needs of small businesses.

Filling a gap in the market, Business Emergency Solutions provides cover that protects business premises against situations such as vermin infestation, loss of keys, breakdown of the main heating system and many others emergencies that can halt a small business in its tracks. Health and safety regulations are such that emergencies can shut a business down until the problem has been resolved, often at a significant cost, causing stress and loss of earnings. This product aims to tackle these problems by ensuring that the insured receives prompt assistance from trained professionals. It’s distinctiveness in the marketplace is demonstrated by the comprehensive coverage of potential emergency situations (listed below) and its packaging within one convenient product.

  • Breakdown of the main heating system

  • Plumbing and drainage problems

  • Damage to or failure of the premise’s locks and windows

  • Breakage or failure of the customer toilet facility

  • Loss of the power supply

  • Lost keys

  • Vermin infestation within the premises

  • Removal of a fallen tree or large branch that blocks access to the premises

  • Removal of fly-tipping waste

Find out more about Business Legal Solutions, including information about limitations and exclusions, on the ARAG website.

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