Friday, 17 June 2011

(Down) Time is Money

How about a new and worthwhile added value product for package business that will generate income and build client loyalty?

Welcome to ARAG’s Business Emergency Solutions.

In a previous life, I ran an insurance broker which operated from a high street shop unit for 18 years. One of the things that kept me awake at night was worrying about things that could stop me from trading. For example, if the boiler broke down my staff might well have to go home and the business would start losing trade immediately. However it was not just that, my credibility with clients was on the line. I stress easily, so something like that would be a real problem.

This is where the Business Emergency product comes in. It will pay for an emergency contractor to come out urgently and fix the problem. The policy has a range of events that are covered such as loss of power and lost keys as well as heating failure.

There are also a couple of new covers; fallen trees and fly tipping.

The policy would suit small businesses like shops and surgeries or other package business.

It is often difficult getting a contractor during normal weekday hours but what if your client runs a business that operates out of normal contractor hours? I used to open on a Saturday. Can you imagine being able to get a contractor out and then the cost if you can? However, with this new policy, we will have someone out quickly to get businesses trading again.

So how much does it cost? Price depends (as always) on volume and how the product is sold. One effective way of selling is by offering it as an opt-out. Anyway, I think you will find the price cheaper than you thought.

In these competitive days, we are all looking to create a difference and build customer loyalty and this product, newly launched by ARAG, could do the job.

If you would like to find out more about ARAG’s Business Emergency Policy contact the sales team either by email or call on 0117 917 1685.

Article by John Gray, Business Development Executive

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