Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Keep up-to-date with legal services online

An ARAG Before-the-Event insurance policy comes with a host of additional benefits to sit alongside the core legal expenses cover. One of these extras is the legal document service that allows a policyholder to tailor and download a variety of legal documents as well as access the comprehensive law guide.

The documents, letters and law guide are all written by top solicitors and barristers. To ensure peace of mind for policyholders, all of the documents are frequently reviewed and updated.

One of the most recent updates to the law guide is a policy on the Bribery Act 2010. Providing an overview, the new policy will help ensure that a policyholder knows how to comply with the requirements of the Act and includes:

  • Information and examples of unacceptable conduct for staff and stakeholders

  • Guidance on the conduct expected of staff and stakeholders

  • Guidance on how a business can prevent bribery and corruption

  • Help with training staff and communicating the policy to staff and stakeholders

The downloadable documents themselves are split into topical sections depending on the type of ARAG policy you have. For example, with ARAG’s commercial LEI products the policyholder is able to access templates for legal documents relating to business-matters in the following areas:

  • Business start-up

  • Debts and debt recovery

  • Ecommerce

  • Employment

  • Health and safety

  • Intellectual property

  • Property

  • Purchase and sales agreements

Within each area is a list of legal document templates which are tailored to each client’s specific circumstances through a series of straightforward questions. The majority of the documents are available completely free-of-charge, with examples ranging from debt collection letters for unpaid invoices and a privacy policy for a website, to trademark licence agreements and employee discipline and dismissal packs.

Policyholders also have the choice to pay to have their documents reviewed either online or by a solicitor allowing for that extra security and an even more bespoke service.

To find out more about ARAG legal expenses insurance products and legal services online, either visit www.arag.co.uk or email enquiries@arag.com

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