Thursday, 10 July 2014

Time flies by when you are having fun

I’ve already been here for two months and I must say that the time is flying by. Only three month left to get to know all other departments I haven’t worked for yet. The product development department is my “home” – where I spend the most of my time here because this is where I original come from in Germany “product development and innovation department” headed by Dr. Maslaton. But to know and understand the correlations of the UK insurance it is also important to learn more about the processes and structures of all the other main departments. Until now I worked for marketing and Claims Management Unit (CMU) both very interesting.

During my time here I have the chance to attend at two of your quarterly events. Fortunately one of them was the summer sports event on the Downs. Before this event took place I had no idea what to expect but know I can say it was a lot of fun with Ultimate Frisbee, Boule, Croquet and Giant Jenga.
Before somebody will ask – yes, we also played the games before starting to eat. Let’s have a look.
In Germany we only have one staff event a year but it is quite different. We aren’t as sporty as you, because of the size of the company it would be difficult to organize. The only activity we can do is dancing on the dance floor besides drinking and eating. But we have also a lot of fun and it’s always an amazing event, really good to get to know your colleagues offsite.

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