Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Problem with your Tenant? Our Landlords’ Legal Solutions is here to help.

So how does the claims process work?

A typical dispute with a tenant involves them failing to pay rent which results in a landlord seeking repossession of their property and recovery of the arrears owed to them. If this happens then you need to start by serving the correct Notice on the tenant, examples of these, along with covering letters, can be obtained from the ARAG Legal Services website Link.  If you are in doubt as to which Notice to issue, you can call the ARAG legal helpline (a 24/7 service) for free advice.

If the arrears are outstanding for two calendar months, you will need to submit a claim to the ARAG Claims Department. This can be done in a variety of ways, including post or email. Our straightforward claim form lists all the information we need to assess the claim and our Claims Team are here to assist with any queries which may arise.

We will then provide an assessment on cover and, upon acceptance of a claim; we will appoint a law firm who specialises in landlord & tenant disputes. The lawyer will then proceed to deal with the legalities of obtaining possession of the property from the tenant and obtaining an agreement to repay, or a Judgment against the tenant for any monies owed.

We cannot always guarantee recovery of arrears if a tenant does not have the means to satisfy a Judgment. However, we understand the most important part of a claim like this is to ensure that vacant possession of the property is obtained as quickly as possible. Our Landlords’ Legal Solutions enables the landlord to achieve this and provides them with peace of mind and financial support should a dispute occur.

Chris Millward

Claims Assistant Manager

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