Monday, 4 April 2016

Emergencies closer to home

Since 2008, ARAG Home Emergency claims handling has been delegated by ARAG to Cunningham Lindsey, the UK’s leading loss adjuster and outsourced services provider. Until very recently, claims were handled between their Glasgow and Cardiff centres, with the choice of venue largely being dictated by when the claim was reported, with Cardiff dealing with out-of-hours as well as a few specialist schemes, and the rest being dealt with out of Glasgow. From 1 February however, all ARAG operations are handled under one roof in the Welsh capital, with bolstered customer relations resources and far more room for growth. Being geographically close to Bristol, it allows us the opportunity to retain an even closer liaison with our Home Emergency team and it also simplifies the audit process, which facilitates continual improvements in service delivery to our 500,000+ customer base.

The impressive purpose-designed 24/7 operations centre is resilient to disaster. It features totally independent fibre-optic communications systems that enter the building at different locations. This means that even if one of the cables was damaged, the other would continue to enable telephone traffic. There is a back-up generator as well as an uninterrupted power supply for IT and telephony equipment. In the case of such an emergency, calls can be re-routed between Cardiff and Glasgow. The availability of these backup systems as well as multi-skilled staff that are ready to cope with surges in demand, ensure continuity at the facility.

Transferring the in-house operational team from Glasgow to Cardiff has already improved the flow of information. Additionally, Cunningham Lindsey has appointed a Customer Services Manager who is dedicated solely to working on any areas of dissatisfaction brought to our attention; we have very quickly started to see the benefits of such.

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