Friday, 17 March 2017

Flexible ATE Solutions for the challenges ahead

Our industry is currently facing many challenges, from changing legislation, greater financial pressure on firms and increased competition for less work; lack of support from your ATE provider shouldn't be one of them.

With the timetable and framework for change now announced it is important that as well as fighting the changes you protect your clients and your firm from any adverse effects.

We offer flexible solutions for your practice, depending on what risk strategy you decide is suitable for you. We are able to offer a choice of:
ARAG ATE visual campaign

  • Firm Policies, insuring all clients of your practise under one policy
  • Full cover for adverse costs and disbursements
  • Part 36 cover only
  • Part 36 + post offer disbursements cover
  • Adverse costs and issue fees cover

All of the above are competitively priced and provide A-rated security and one of the largest legal expense insurers in the world. We also offer a system link-up to reduce administration when arranging cover which avoids the need for double keying.

We continue to innovate and are certain that whatever the changes ahead, we will have the ATE solutions, not just for today but also for tomorrow.

Call us at 0117 307 2293 or email us to discuss how we can help future proof your firm.

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