Friday, 3 August 2018

Volunteering for FOCUS!

Last Friday, 27th July, Fran, Hannah, Ollie & Jake caught the train to Cheltenham to volunteer for FOCUS at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival T20 game. 

FOCUS is our charity of the year and is the charitable fund for the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre, which raises funds to provide extra care, specialist equipment and improvements to facilities for local cancer patients.

Our volunteers collected raffle tickets in the hospitality tent which took over £1,600, and £394.10 from a bucket collection at the end of the day, raising nearly £2,000 in total!

In between the raffle and bucket collection, our volunteers took a tour of the oncology centre at Cheltenham hospital to see just how valuable our fundraising efforts are. 

The FOCUS support centre is situated in the heart of the Oncology Centre in the outpatient waiting area of the Hospital. The centre is fully funded by donations and is an invaluable source of information for patients, their carers and families. The team are there to support patients at every step; from a diagnosis of cancer to advice during and beyond their treatment.
The Focus Support Centre also offers: general information, support and advice on many types of cancer, talking with children, financial and estate planning, travel insurance, fatigue, support for carers etc. The centre is able to signpost people to benefits support, health and wellbeing events, counselling and psychological services. The support team also recruit a team of volunteer qualified therapists who offer complimentary therapies for patients. 

Every donation makes a real impact by funding extra care and equipment over and above that provided by the NHS. Recent donations have provided:
- a weekly wig clinic with a professional wig consultant, free of charge
- special reclining chairs which give comfort to patients receiving chemotherapy treatment
- sky ceilings which transform the environment in radiotherapy treatment rooms
- staff to expand the Focus Research Centre and trials to local people fighting cancer.

We are currently at 45% of our 2018 fundraising target for FOCUS, you can track our efforts here:

P.s for the cricket fans out there, Gloucestershire beat Glamorgan by 30 runs.

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