Monday, 28 January 2013

Seeking advice?

Are your customers fully aware of the additional benefits ARAG’s before-the-event legal insurance policies offer? A free legal advice helpline accessible 24/7 and manned by experts and access to a wide variety of legal document templates via the legal services website which can be downloaded at any time are two really valuable extra benefits.

With the New Year in full swing, now is the time to emphasise to your customers how these services can empower them to protect their legal rights by providing valuable guidance when help with legal issues is needed.

For business customers statistics from 2012 examining the usage of the legal services website show that the most popular group of legal document templates downloaded were related to employment (62% of downloads). These included employment agreements, documents related to employee disciplinary matters and accessing the comprehensive employee handbook. This was followed by documents related to debt recovery and behind that the health and safety category also proved popular.

For individuals and consumers one of the most popular documents to download was the free will, demonstrating the desire for many to secure their future. As with all documents, the simple step-by-step approach for the will document creation was appealing.

Landlords also utilised the service, sourcing documents ranging from tenancy agreements to Section 8 notices.

A similar pattern emerged with calls made to the legal advice helpline. In 2012, 68% of the calls made to our legal advisors related to employment matters. Other popular reasons for customers to call for legal advice related to landlord and tenant disputes, commercial issues, property-related queries and consumer matters.

These resources are incorporated into ARAG landlord, business, motor and family policies as standard which provides you with a helpful sales tool.  The value for the customer lies in helping them to manage the risk of disputes escalating and provide a cost benefit to those policyholders who do not need to make a claim under their policy. The added value to brokers is that these services create an effective retention tool when it comes to influencing policy renewal.

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