Friday, 1 February 2013

Big news for small businesses

The banking world has been in the dog house for a while now but a new initiative from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) looks to keep them there for a bit longer. Another mis-selling scandal has emerged in relation to the sale of interest rate swap products to small businesses.

According to an article in the Independent interest rate swaps are “complicated derivatives that have been sold as protection - or to act as a hedge - against a rise in interest rates”. The FSA have identified that more than 90% of the products were mis-sold to the small business sector accumulating to an estimated “total [of] as much as £1.5 billion across the sector”.

As a result of the mis-sold product many small businesses are left with hefty bills, however the FSA has set out a framework for the banks to provide compensation. As quoted in the Telegraph, Vince Cable sets out that “the immediate priority is to ensure small businesses are not driven out of business by banks pursuing liabilities for swaps that they mis-sold”.

With this in mind, ARAG can provide your small business customers with the means to pursue the compensation that they are entitled to with the support of Recourse After-the-Event insurance.

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