Monday, 15 August 2016

Family Legal Solutions

It's fairly straight forward to identify with typical consumer disputes that are covered by the contract disputes section of our Family Legal Solutions policy. 

The sort of claims examples that we often provide involve buying goods or services that prove to be unsatisfactory.  

When this happens it's always to hoped that the supplier will put things right but when that doesn't happen we can arrange mediation between the parties or pursue a claim for damages.

 I came across some case histories that are a bit different on Nearly Legal's website. Here's a link to their account of three cases that they have posted under the heading "Landlords behaving badly". 

While you may have read past blogs from me about the help we give to landlords under our Landlords' Legal Solutions policy when tenants behave badly, here the boot is clearly on the other foot.

Not all Family Legal Expenses products protect tenants but as more and more people rely on Assured Shorthold Tenancies in the private rented sector this could be a serious gap in their LEI policy cover. Make sure your home contents customers who rent their home tick in to get our Family Legal Solutions policy.  

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