Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Crisis Communication - such a good idea that we are extending available services...

We have been providing Crisis Communication costs to our business policyholders for around four years and as the service is all about publicity we think it deserves some! 
We are introducing a new consultancy-based extension to the current service offering and have updated how we describe the service to include reference to dealing with exposure on social media which has become a hot topic.

The Crisis Communication service is provided by professional public relations executives from our preferred PR firm - an independent, international PR agency, headquartered in London. We have selected the firm for its vast experience and discretion in handling sensitive matters.

Initially we trialled Crisis Communication for some key accounts who specialise in the care industry – residential care homes and child care day nurseries.  Such businesses work in pressured environments and are vulnerable to criticism which often finds its way into the public domain, resulting in unbalanced or exaggerated reporting. 
Callers using the service were impressed with the help they received to communicate with the media positively and reported really good outcomes following involvement by our appointed PR expert. At a time of horrible stress it was good to have someone on their side to prepare statements and deal with reaction for them. We were convinced that the service would be valuable more generally and it was rolled out as part of a product relaunch to all of our business policyholders.

More about Crisis communication


·           Policyholders have free 24/7 access to the Crisis Communication assistance helpline which allows access to a top PR professional who can give advice about key steps required to manage negative publicity about the business.

·           In response to a number of callers wishing to engage PR help who were concerned about an  event that may lead to adverse media attention, a new pre-publication consultancy service is available. This is available at the Insured's own expense.

·           Policyholders whose business has been exposed to adverse media (or social media) publicity are insured for to £10,000 under the terms of their ARAG Essential or Absolute Business Legal policy.

The actions required will depend on what has happened to lead to the publicity however professional help could be available to draft a media statement or press release, prepare communication for business customers, staff or suppliers, compose a telephone or website script and/or or social media messaging.
Support and representation can be arranged if the insured attends an event at which media will be reporting and to manage interaction with media outlets.

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