Friday, 18 November 2016

Product Development Synergy

Being part of a worldwide group means we can exchange ideas and experience when designing new products.

To this end, ARAG’s product experts from 11 countries attended this year’s Product Workshop which was held in the Netherlands. ARAG UK was represented by Product Development Manager Lesley Attu and Business Insight Analyst Melody Kiernan. 

The opportunity to pool ideas, build networks with European colleagues and exchange knowledge was enriching and delegates were able to bring back some innovative ideas and approaches to develop for the future.  

Going from the general to the particular, participants started by debating the nature of innovation, before getting into the nitty-gritty of novel product design. Germany revealed a new motor LEI product with backdated defence for traffic offences; Spain presented a bundle of cyber protection aimed at young families; Belgium showed how to move from an initial proposition to developing a B2B product in just a week. The valuable interaction of ideas culminated in shared experiences of product features in family covers and concluded with a wrap-up session.


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