Friday, 23 June 2017

Guest Blog - Our Product Taskforce team experience in Bristol

On Wednesday 7th of June, a group of international ARAG colleagues met up in Bristol to work together for the Task Forces initiative.

The main idea behind the Task Force project is to bring together product developers from different ARAG countries to brainstorm and push innovation forward in quick and unexpected ways.

Our two groups, focusing on the topics of Sharing Economy and Cyber, discussed product ideas and future market trends, presenting their results to each other at the end of the day. The presentations were interesting and to the point, as everyone worked hard to prepare the road for the final goal: the International Product Workshop in September!

We strongly believe that new creative opportunities can be created through cross-country discussions and idea-sharing. It was a real pleasure to be hosted by ARAG UK in Bristol, having the chance to make an office tour within the premises and meet all the colleagues.

Many Thanks to everyone and see you next time!

Jennifer, Ilaria and Camilla, ARAG SE


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