Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bringing Fairness to life

“  Among our corporate values Fairness is a key creative element in our day-to-day business activity.
 Fairness highlights that:

-    We learn from each other, and approach each other openly
-    We accept cultural differences, and regard them as sources of mutual enrichment
-    We regard equality of opportunity in professional development as a given.
-    Regardless of the specific occupational context - one's position, workplace location, or duties for instance
-    Regardless also of personal circumstances - marital status, social origin, or educational background - all are examples, and all employees are offered the same opportunities
-    Gender, and age are irrelevant when it comes to opportunities for self-development

-    We recognise that a good balance between work, and family life is of prime importance at ARAG, which is why we aim to create conditions designed to promote it     

 How do we demonstrate Fairness? 


Cross-departmental thinking helps us make full use of our potential. When we approach things from a different point of view, we depart from frequently trodden paths, and find new solutions.  


Consequently, we have decided to highlight our day-to-day team work and collaborative efforts by internally embracing all of our different cultures, and nationalities within our Bristol office. 


We will do this by celebrating the respective National Days of each country.


Our programme will commence with the French national day, Bastille Day, with celebrations on 14th July followed by the Hungarian St Stephens day on 20th August, and another 11 other celebrations.


You will be able to keep track of our cultural and national world tour, and all our internal events via our social media.


Stay connected - we’ll keep you entertained!

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