Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Your customers will thank you for passing on the message about our online Legal Services

I pay very little attention to TV ads but the other day I caught a snatch of narration from a Direct Line ad for Home Insurance. The message was about a service for Direct Line customers which, as part of Direct Line's home insurance policy, provides access to on-line legal documents. This is great news for Direct Line customers, and as a major direct distributor of consumer insurance products, DLG deserves praise for making sure their customers are aware of it.

ARAG policyholders also get access to legal documents on line together with a digital law guide. As we don't distribute products directly to consumers (or landlord or small business customers) we rely on our broker and insurer partners to get the message out.

Customer feedback


Here's some feedback that we have had from customers who have used our ARAG Legal Services website and been kind enough to let us know what they thought. 
The stats below are taken from a survey that site-users are invited to complete while the remarks where provided as "free- text". 

·         89% of respondents rated ease of using the website (including navigation) as "excellent" or "very good" while the remaining 11% said it was "average".
·         92% of respondents indicated that the quality of the document they had created on-line was "excellent" or "very good" with 8% rating it as "average".
·         Similar 92%/8% scores were given in response to a question about the ease of answering the questions appearing on the screen as part of the document-building process.
·         When respondents contacted the legal team with a query about their document 95% rated the quality of advice and support they received as "excellent" or "very good" while 5% said it was "average".
·         A similar question about contact with the website's customer service team prompted scores of 94%/6%.
·         In terms of overall satisfaction with ARAG Legal Services 93% of respondents rated their experience as "excellent" or "very good".
·         92% would recommend to family and friends

What customers said

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