Thursday, 8 May 2014

1,000 employees a week try early conciliation

Before introducing compulsory early conciliation for all employment disputes from 6th May, ACAS launched its voluntary early conciliation scheme from 6th April for anyone wishing to try for a settlement in advance of bringing a dispute to an employment tribunal.

So far around 1,000 people a week contacted ACAS hoping to resolve their complaint against an employer within the 28 day period allocated for resolution to avoid the matter escalating. Where both parties are willing to come to a settlement ACAS can facilitate this.

We provide our commercial and family policyholders with access to a lawyer to represent their best interests throughout the entire early conciliation process. If the dispute cannot be settled through conciliation we will continue to provide support throughout the employment tribunal process.

The Government has high hopes for early conciliation and we will certainly keeping an eye how successful it is but whether or not the process meets expectations,  we will ensure that our policyholders’ claims have the best possible outcome, regardless of whether it is necessary to seek resolution through the tribunal system.  

Lesley Attu
Product Development Manager


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