Thursday, 8 May 2014

Not guilty, castigated and penniless thanks to LASPOA

Since defence costs orders were scrapped in October 2012, successfully defending a police investigation and subsequent criminal prosecution can ruin people’s lives and leave them bankrupt. There can be justice for the unfairly accused but it comes at a price, with huge legal costs involved, lives being devastated and careers often destroyed

In cases we have recently concluded, clients were proved to be completely blame-free but their costs ran into tens of thousands of pounds and their reputations were tarnished. Fortunately for them they had legal expenses insurance to cover their costs and provide the expertise to set the record straight.

Some occupations like care workers, policemen and teachers are particularly likely to end up on the receiving end of allegations of sexual or physical misconduct but it could happen to anyone. Without the backing of legal expenses insurance, a life-changing allegation can leave unjustly accused workers in a perilous financial position. In the two latest cases we concluded under the new legal framework, total costs amounted to around £45,000 with both defendants being completely exonerated.

Typically cover under can include representation from the first police interview 'under caution', through to a Magistrates hearing and then on to any subsequent Trial and Appeal. This cover can be added as an extension to both ARAG Group and Family cover. In the current climate of vigilance by the CPS such protection is more vital than ever.

David Haynes
Head of Underwriting & Marketing

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