Monday, 29 May 2017

Celebrating diversity

Fairness is one of the principles that underpins all ARAG activities, whether in the UK or worldwide. Bringing together the 14 nationalities of staff in Bristol helps share and explore diversities of culture and, by embracing differences, encourages us all to make better use of our potential.

So, last year we marked Bastille Day on 14 July on behalf of the French. This year, it was the Greek National Day on 25 March where we celebrated freedom.
Landmarks like this focus our thoughts on core objectives in life, and the fun part – dressing in national colours, flying the appropriate flag and enjoying traditional food – are a good way to make sure we remember them. Incidentally, most Greeks eat salt cod with garlic potatoes for lunch on their National Day and, for the record, our Greek members of staff are In-House Counsel, Hector Stamboulieh and Software Development Manager, Kostas Tsarouchis.

The lengthy war for Greek independence, starting in 1821, was by no means the first uprising against four centuries of rule from the Ottoman empire but this time it was successful. By 1832 a treaty was agreed. It is not the only date regarded as a national day in Greece: ‘Ochi’ Day on 28 October commemorates rejection – ‘No’ – of an ultimatum delivered by the Italian ambassador to Greek Prime Minister Metaxas in 1940, demanding that Italian troops be allowed into Greece.

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