Monday, 22 May 2017

Tailored cover gives competitive edge

The demographics underlying the continuing growth of care providers are becoming so familiar that many brokers are in active competition for this business. ARAG has just introduced Care Provider Legal Solutions*, an expertly designed product to give specialist brokers the edge over conventional commercial legal expenses policies. The new product has been built around ARAG’s own claims experience over the past decade and extensive consultation with specialist agents.

Care providers come in all shapes and sizes and any of them can be subject to rigorous investigation. The new policy acknowledges this, whether assistance is given on a residential or nursing home basis, or through other registered premises including where cared-for individuals live in their own homes.

ARAG can now offer representation for care providers at coroners’ courts or fatal accident inquiries, Quality Care Commission investigations and registration disputes, Charity Commissioner appeals (plus Scottish and NI equivalents), and even 24/7 in the case of interviews under caution. Additional legal defence is available for allegations of dishonesty or violent acts. All this on top of what might be expected under the ARAG Essential Business Legal policy.

A further benefit recognises that care providers can suffer significant long-term damage to their reputation, so the crisis communications aspect of cover has been substantially increased, to £25,000.
The background to this burgeoning market is that the greater part of 10 million people aged 65+ have a long-term illness that affects their activities. Of the 1.3 million aged over 85, more than 70% have a long-term illness. During the past 25 years, the number of people in this latter category has doubled, and is expected to more than double again to 3.1 million in a similar time frame. Around a million older people and those with disabilities already live in care homes or have care provided in their own homes.

* Care Provider Legal Solutions is available under delegated authority arrangements. Where LEI is bundled as a mandatory cover the wider features may be given under the Absolute Business Legal policy.

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